Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Virtual Presents with Real Impact

As my oldest son has gotten older, he has become motivated to get me gifts for Christmas and my birthday now. He’s just become more tuned in, I think, and wants to do something nice for me. And I really appreciate the thought more than anything. But what was neat was how he went about it.

He found the perfect way to be able to afford to get me spectacular presents. Earn gold in World of Warcraft and buy really nice stuff for my characters. So this past Christmas, among other things, he got my priest character a really nice mace – Heaven’s Light. Probably not the best mace for a priest, but it looks awesome.

But the best thing about it is not so much the gift itself, but how much enjoyment he gets out of finding stuff and then giving it to me.

So for a couple of weeks he’s been searching out and buying items for my birthday. Half the time I can’t come upstairs when I get home from work because he doesn’t want me to see what he’s shopping for. Finally a couple days ago he announced that he’d gotten 4 things for me, and get this – you can buy wrapping paper in WoW and wrap your gifts! He is beside himself wanting to give these things to me ahead of time. The anticipation is driving him nuts.

So shortly it will by me birthday and he can finally give this stuff he’s been diligently searching for and I’ll open them up and get to express my appreciation. I love it. And the fact that the items will help me play the game is just icing on my birthday cake.