Thursday, June 10, 2010

Life Plan - Win the Lottery!

My middle son in 7th grade was complaining a bit about some kids in his math class being distracting and annoying. So he starts a rant about how stupid they are. Now for kids, falling into self-rightousness is very attractive and I always try to temper it when I hear it sprouting up.

So as I push back on this a little, he decides to give me an example.

He tells me how this one kid related his life plan. That he was going to drop out of high school, get a job and then win the lottery and be set for life! So I asked (knowing the answer already) "Good grief, how many people does he know that this has worked for?" And he responds with an emphatic, adamant "EXACTLY!"

So then he goes on to explain how he has a plan, AND 4 back up plans as well. I'm not sure I remember these all correctly, but it went something like this.

1 - Go to college and become a computer graphics artist and work for Blizzard.
2 - Get a law degree and become a lawyer.
3 - Learn Japanese, move to Japan and become a Manga artist
4 - Another option I can't remember...
5 - Become a professional Cello player and join an orchestra.

I had no idea he'd been putting this much thought into it, and it was great to know he recoginzed how idiotic that one kid's life plan was as well. As he gets closer to college it will be interesting to see how his ideas on this front evolve, but it's really great to see how diverse the possibilities he's thinking of are as well.

So I'll keep working to keep the self-rightousness in check, but I'll probably have to find a different example to make the point with. :)